Saturday, October 29, 2011

Week 21

It's probably going to be one of those days....

It's raining.
It's cold.
The squirrels are running around in the ceiling.
They're remodeling the bathroom downstairs and it's very noisy.
I just burned my finger on the toaster oven taking one of these out.
I dropped my potatoes at the CSA pick up and had to chase them down.
I just remembered we're supposed to go to a Halloween party tonight and I have no costume.


At least I have a lot of good food that I can cook to keep me warm.

This week's haul:
1 lb red potatoes
1 butternut squash
2 red peppers
1 lb red onions
.5 lb salad mix
2 head broccoli
1 bunch hakurei/Japanese turnips
1 bunch arugula
2 lbs Bosc pears
2 lbs Mutsu apples 

Although, these don't really look like Mutsus. They're too small and too red/gold...Galas, maybe? Any thoughts?

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