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Why I'm Writing This Blog

I got the idea to start a blog in a kind of silly way. I work in a school as a Reading Specialist and was talking to one of the classroom teachers about her reading and writing goals for her students. She had never written SMART goals before and was having some difficulty. Having had to write them for a while, I was able to rattle off goals for her students after a brief description of what their reading and writing was like. Afterward she said, "Do you write? Because you're a really good writer."

"No...I mean I used to...stories and essays, but not for a long time," I responded (thinking: ability to write SMART goals does not equal good writing skills--in fact, a SMART goal is the antithesis of good writing).

"Well, you're really good at it."


This, however, got me thinking that it was time that I wrote something that was for me--not endless SMART goals or intervention reports or literacy curricula or rubrics. I realized, I actually was, once upon a time, a damn good writer. Maybe I'd take a cue from Lucy Calkins (though I loathe doing so) and let my professional development for the summer be focusing on my own life as a writer. I decided that my CSA would be the perfect opportunity. I also would like to make myself more accountable for eating locally and seasonally and I'm hoping that this blog will help me to do so. I hope you enjoy the recipes (both triumphs and failures, I'm sure)--and that maybe you don't mind if my writing is a little rusty.

My Cooking Style

I'm a vegetarian, so all of my cooking is vegetarian. I try to use whole, natural ingredients as often as possible. I use a lot of whole grains and whole grain flours, I try to avoid white sugar, and I try to use local, seasonal produce. I don't use processed meat substitutes in my cooking, but I do use tofu, tempeh and seitan. I make my own veggie burgers and tempeh bacon and sausage. Although, I'm not above the occasional veggie dog from Asia Dog (they're so good). 

My cooking tends to be "healthy", but I do love cheeses and every once in a while a good veggie fritter. I definitely love a good brownie (white flour, natural cane sugar, good quality chocolate). My thoughts on sweets baked goods are: They're good in moderation and if I'm going to eat them, they'd better be good. Making them at home allows me to control the quality of ingredients and product. 

While I am making an effort to cook as locally as possible--trying to source most of my food from things grown and made within a 250 mile radius. However, there are certain foods that I love--avocados, citrus fruits, rice, quinoa, etc--that just can't be grown in the Northeastern United States. Right now, I'm OK with that.

The Pictures 

I'm not the world's best photographer. In addition, all of the lighting in our apartment is from fluorescents and CFLs (with the exception of the sunlight coming in from the skylights and windows, but that doesn't really get to the kitchen. If that weren't enough, I'm currently taking pictures with a nearly 5-year-old Nikon Coolpix S200. I think the camera on my cell phone has more megapixels. Thanks for putting up with the less-than-stellar images. Maybe I'll get a new camera soon...
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